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Scuba Diving with Disabilities, Can I Scuba dive too?

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Having a disability does not necessarily mean you can’t go Scuba diving. It can improve breathing, self-esteem, muscle tone and strength. The challenge can help overcome a lack of self-confidence, and help the disabled diver to improve communication skills and enjoy a previously unknown freedom of movement. With proper instruction a disabled driver can get a glimpse of the underwater world and see the amazing marine life around our shores.

With the help of diving buddies and training, even severely disabled individuals can enjoy the experience of Scuba Diving. The new sights, sounds and sensations make it an incredible event that they will always remember. There are many regular disabled divers, and the number of Scuba Diving training centres that are equipped to deal with the disabled is increasing.

The IAHD (International Association for Handicapped Divers www.iahd.org) and the Scuba Trust (www.scubatrust.org.uk) both provide help for disabled individuals wishing to train towards a diving certificate.

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